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Large Gardens

2 acre gardens and larger, including estates and parklands

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Finding the Soul of the Garden

Finding the soul of the garden and then nurturing it to its best is the translation by the designer of the symbiotic relationship between the house and its current owner. This relationship is different for all properties and is absolutely crucial to produce the finest results. It is not necessarily about a single 'style', more about the combination of styles to suit the garden arena. The best example of this is to compare the beautiful gardens of Great Dixter and Sissinghurst Castle: they are both perfect for their own unique environment but would look ridiculous if each garden were swapped around.
This relationship is the key design tenet of Edward Erith at GardenEye.



First things first

For landscaping and costing purposes the large garden is best broken down into sections, each with its own plan. Each plan is then incorporated onto a master plan to ensure the correct atmosphere and transition is maintained for the garden.
In order to achieve this we will need a full Topographical Survey, which leads on to a Concept Design, Full Design and Master Plan for a large garden.
Please refer to the section "Design Process" for the full planning process.

There will always be scope to use existing features in the property to regenerate the landscape inside and outside of the main garden.
For example, woodland and meadows can be carefully set, replanted, cut and managed; ponds and lakes can be re-dug and walls re-sited,
repaired or extended.
The main thing with a large garden is to understand the costs involved in its redevelopment: be aware of budgetary limitations!



  • lake during excavation clearance image
  • lake emptied during restoration image
  • lake restored image

If you are prepared to completely re-design the garden, consider where each component part is best suited in relation to the aspect of the house and your personal preferences: where to put the rose garden, the orchard and vegetable garden, the football pitch, the Italian garden, the swimming pool and tennis court? Here lies the skill of the garden designer.


10 landscaping considerations for a large garden:



Sempstead landscape design before imageSempstead landscape design after image

A large garden can become a building/mud site for a long time if substantial landscaping is in operation – sometimes years. It requires significant planning in the Design phase to ensure that this disruption is kept to a minimum. If you can, get the landscaping done in one hit so that you have years to enjoy it.


Understand from the outset that the landscaping process is not cheap. GardenEye will work with you to help you understand the costs, and will ensure that the budget is managed effectively and efficiently.


Crane pool garden design before imageCrane pool garden design after image

We will carry out the work in phases so that there is always some part of the garden that is available for you to use.


Before tree surgery imageAfter tree surgery image

Don't get too used to your garden if you want to change it. A big Sycamore tree near the house that blocks your view is little more than a weed. Try not to become overly familiar with things that shouldn't be there in case they become the norm. For every tree and shrub that you remove you can plant three new ones elsewhere – and your grandchildren will thank you for it in years to come!

Changing Plans

By the time we begin the landscaping we will all have a clear idea of what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Please bear in mind that changes to the plan can become expensive and wearisome.

The Unknowns

Be aware that there are often unknowns buried away in the garden, and flexibility is required. Invariably this will affect the process and budget if they cannot be avoided, for example – old house footings, tree stumps, hidden wells or springs - we are often amazed by what crops up!


large terrace paving garden

Make sure that the drive can hold enough cars for a party. Allow room for a decent terrace incorporating views (if possible), sunshine and shade; Understand the logistics of the working relationship between the house and the garden.

Be Daring

Rhino garden sculpture imageShaft of light sculpture imageMoon walk garden feature image

This is not to say go out of character! Your new garden is a substantial investment. Make it special and have at least three or more unique features. We have seen many gardens with 7 figure sums invested in them that are just, well, gardens. At GardenEye we will make sure that your investment in your garden is practical, unique and a treat.


New driveway and turfed front garden image

Historically very grand houses had 2 facades – the best frontage was used to show of the garden, the other aspect as a sweeping entrance. Nowadays, it is extraordinary how often this best aspect of the house (there is normally one good side) is littered with cars. - We believe that this has been lost in translation. Realistically, the best 'facade' should be represented into the garden, possibly with a sweeping lawn and beds.

And Finally ...

Never have a swimming pool or vegetable garden too far from the centre of the house: the kitchen!


Currently GardenEye is constructing numerous large gardens and over the following year we will be releasing video footage and new pictures of these projects to go alongside those already shown. Call us to assess your garden on 01797 260 451.


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