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Recommendations from Clients


"Edward looked after my town garden of plants and shrubs, after choosing and establishing them on my three balconies, and did a first rate job. I miss his professionalism, his advice, and his charm, and I recommend him unhesitatingly."

Sir Tom Stoppard


 "I've known Eddie for a number of years and we had no hesitation in hiring him to sort out our garden in London. He provided great ideas and suggestions, got his hands dirty and managed the contractors ensuring that the project was completed successfully on time and to budget. And he even put up with my 4 year old daughter's (no doubt unwelcome) help. I would be delighted to recommend Eddie to anyone who is considering having work done in their garden - from the smallest to the largest jobs."


Tim Craig-Harvey



"I have known Edward Erith for a number of years and have employed his gardening services on a number of occasions. I would recommend Edward without hesitation, both on a professional and a personal level due to his expertise, professionalism and integrity."


Hugh Petre


"We have been very lucky with the weather, rain and then sunshine – let's hope it continues. The garden looks wonderful, it is growing well and the mulch helps keep the weeds at bay - I hope we can have you and your family for tea and tarts in May. With thanks and appreciation."

Bernard Combemale


"Thoroughly delighted with the plans. Elegant and achievable!"

John O'Neill



"Edward's consultancy work on our garden delivered an outstanding result, and took into consideration many areas that, not being garden designers or understanding the process of creating one, we would not have been able to achieve without his expertise."


Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
Jonathan Frewin



kent show1"Ed, Thank you for an amazing effort. 'Top Gold' has such a great ring about it.

From a discussion in the Kent 2020 exhibition on the 2nd of April to a winning garden on the 17th July is one heck of an achievement. Thanks for your willingness to go with my crazy ideas and turn them into a built reality. Also thanks your willingness to work with other professional disciplines, particularly our colleagues in Learning Through Landscapes and our PR team at Pillory Barn Creative. It is so refreshing to work with a specialist, willing to understand the importance of the broader education objectives.

As well as achieving these Education objectives, demonstrating the potential of outside spaces for learning, you also achieved an excellence in plantsmanship, landscaping and horticulture, recognised by the judges in awarding our garden the Top Gold prize. In addition, your team was also very good at helping with the visitors to the garden especially the children and those looking for gardening advice.

Genuine thanks."


Terry Mitchell, Project Director
Skanska Infrastructure Development UK Ltd.


"Edward has a good eye for detail when designing gardens. He listens to what the client wants and then delivers, while providing his expert opinion. He is easy going and very personable."

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity
Ted Wainman


"Edward has created outdoor solutions for us on a consistent basis over the years and continues to produce outstanding, beautiful and creative work. His passion and expertise ensure that the final outcome is something that both he and his clients are truly proud of."

Marcelo Ulvert


"Ed will set the landscaping and gardening world alight with this fantastic and much needed approach to outdoor management. He completely changed the course of my own project, which was a revelation in comparison to the jokers who I had to dismiss and I think GardenEye will become the natural place to call for anybody interested in having any work done outside."

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
Will Moore


"Edward is an extremely professional and dedicated worker. He has a keen approach to his work and lives and breathes everything horticultural. Edward has worked on many high profile projects over the years that have benefited from his keen attention to detail, in turn resulting in many accolades and awards. If you have a project, or just need some friendly advice, you couldn't ask for a nicer fellow to help you create your corner of paradise."

Jamie Morgan , Owner , ESI Electrical Safety Inspections Limited was with another company when working with Edward at GardenEye


"Working with GardenEye is an absolute joy! Eddie is knowledgeable and creative with a fantastic eye for both maximising the potential of any space and including interesting details. GardenEye came up with great ideas that I would never have thought of.

GardenEye took care of everything from start to finish and unlike previous experiences, I have nothing but praise for their totally professional approach and hassle-free delivery – if only everyone was as good as GardenEye!

If, like me, you are worried about the stress of undertaking a project, GardenEye is the answer and you can quote me on that!"

Charlie Beauchamp


"Dear Edward, as your mother but also, many years ago, your employer, I can highly recommend your work. I have seen how well you deal with employees and clients alike and, because of your knowledge and experience of all types of gardening and landscaping, your ideas are exciting, out of the ordinary and new but also practical. Your love of all aspects of gardening and landscaping is very noticeable but I know you are also very aware of cost, savings and value for money. You, I have noticed, do not tolerate second-rate work and have spent your own time correcting others mistakes. I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users as the work you did here as a young man (first pictures on his website) stand the test of time as you can see by the photos. Signed with love Sara Erith."

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Sara Erith